Pursuant to the authority granted by the provisions of Article 12, Section 5 of the Kansas Constitution, the governing body of the City of Kechi, Kansas hereby creates a Kechi Economic Development Committee.

(Ord. 1542-05, Sec. 1)

The Kechi Economic Development Committee shall consist of ten (10) members who shall all be residents of Kechi and own real estate or own a business within the city. Each member of the governing body shall appoint two (2) members to the committee and the term of a committee member's appointment shall coincide with the term of office held by the council member making his/her appointment. Initial appointments shall be made during the first regular Council Meeting during the month of February 2005. Members shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing Council Member and shall serve without compensation except for expenses approved by the governing body. Vacancies shall be filled by the Council Member making the initial appointment to fill the vacated seat.

(Ord. 1542-05, Sec. 2)

The members of the Kechi Economic Development Committee shall meet at least once a month at such time as they may fix by resolution. All meetings shall be in the City offices and shall be open meetings. The committee shall select one of their number as chairman and one as vice-chairman who shall serve one (1) year. Thereafter the vice-chairman shall succeed the chairman and a new vice-chairman will be selected from the members. Special meetings may he called at any time by the chairman or in the chairman’s absence by the vice-chairman. A majority of the committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The committee shall cause a proper record to be kept of its proceedings.

(Ord. 1542-05, Sec. 3)

The Economic Development Committee shall act as an advisory committee to the City governing body. The committee shall advise the City on matters related to economic development within the City and shall perform such related functions as are approved and designated by the City governing body.

(Ord. 1542-05, Sec. 4)

The Economic Development Committee shall have such other and further duties as may be directed from time to time by the governing body.

(Ord. 1542-05, Sec. 5)

On or before the first Monday in June of each year the Economic Development Committee shall prepare and submit to the Kechi City Council its budget of expenditures for the ensuing budget year, itemizing the expenses and amounts and the purpose. The City Council shall thereupon consider said budget and make such allowance to the said Economic Development Committee as it shall deem proper including funds for employment of such employees or consultants as the City Council may authorize and provide and shall add the same to the general budget of the City. Provided, that the City Council may prior to the time that monies are available under the budget as herein provided, appropriate monies for such purposes from the general fund. The City Council may enter into such contracts as it may deem necessary for the purpose herein and may receive and expend funds and monies from the state or federal government or from any other source for such purpose.

(Ord. 1542-05, Sec. 6)

All expenditures of the committee from the budget allocated by the City governing body from grants, or from any other source shall he authorized by the majority vote of a quorum of the committee and with the approval of the City governing body.

(Ord. 1542-05, Sec. 7)