There is hereby created and established the position of City Administrator. The Administrator shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the council. The City Administrator shall serve at the pleasure of the Governing Body and may be terminated at any time with or without cause by a two-thirds vote of all members of the Governing Body, with the Mayor authorized one vote.

(Ord. 1581-06)

Except as otherwise provided by law, the Ordinances of the City, any written contract, or a specific direction of the City Council, the City Administrator shall:

(a)   Be responsible for the administration of all of the affairs of the City. He or she shall see that the laws of Kansas and Ordinances of the City are enforced;

(b)   Supervise and coordinate all departments and services of the City and be responsible for the proper and efficient discharge of duties of City officers and employees;

(c)   Recommend to the Mayor for the approval of the Governing Body suitable persons to be hired or appointed to carry out the functions of the City and make recommendations for the termination of the employment or suspension of said employee when the City Administrator deems such actions necessary and appropriate;

(d)   Be the direct and immediate supervisor for all departments and employees lacking a specific department head, and the direct and immediate supervisor of all department heads;

(e)   Examine or cause to be examined without notice the affairs of any department or the conduct of any officer or employee. He or she shall report the findings of such examination to the Governing Body on a timely basis.

(f)   Prepare and submit the annual budget of the Governing Body, with the assistance of the City Clerk, keeping the body fully, completely and timely advised as to the financial condition and the needs of the City;

(g)   Recommend to the Governing Body a schedule of salaries for all officers and employees;

(h)   Exercise general supervision and control over all city purchases and expenditures in accordance with the budget and such policies as may be established by the Governing Body;

(i)    Oversee the care and management of all city-owned land, property, buildings, equipment, and inventories;

(j)    Ascertain available federal and state programs and advise the Governing Body as to possible grants or other benefits of the program and prepare and submit applications for such grants and benefits as the Governing Body may direct;

(k)   Recommend to the Governing Body such measures for adoption, changes and improvements which the Administrator deems necessary for the effective and efficient administration of all city departments and the maximum benefit to the citizens of the city for services rendered;

(l)    Have the authority to initiate policy recommendations and to enter into discussions with the Governing Body on policy related matters. Review policy questions when requested by the Mayor and Governing Body;

(m)  Attend all meetings of the Governing Body and such other meetings of commissions and other organizations as the Governing Body shall designate. He or she shall have a seat, but no vote, in all of the public meetings of the Governing Body;

(n)   Develop and prepare in conjunction with the planning commission, such short-range and/or long range planning, as the Governing Body shall request and shall submit such planning to the Governing Body for action;

(o)   Perform such other duties as may be required by law or Ordinance or which may be requested by the Governing Body, consistent with the provisions of this section.

(Ord. 1581-06)

It shall be the general practice of the Governing Body to issue all orders and directives to all city officers and departments and receive reports and communications therefrom through the office of the City Administrator,

(Ord. 1581-06)

The City, at its discretion may specify additional terms and conditions of employment in a written agreement executed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

(Ord. 1581-06)

The City Administrator shall receive a salary to be fixed by the City Council in such amount and with such benefits as the Council may deem appropriate.

(Ord. 1581-06)