(a)   There is hereby incorporated by reference for the purposes of regulating commercial motor vehicle safety on the streets and highways of the City of Kechi, Kansas, Kansas Administrative Regulations 82-4-3, 82-4-3a, 82-4-3c, 82-4-3f, 82-4-3g, 82-4-3h, 82-4-3i, 82-4-3j- and 82-4-3k, as they may be amended, which adopt and amend certain safety regulations known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 49 C.F.R. Parts 382, 390-393, and 395-397.

(b)   No fewer than three (3) copies of said Kansas Administrative Regulations and said Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation shall be marked official copy and filed with the City Clerk to be open to inspection and open to the public at all reasonable business hours. A copy of the Ordinance codified herein shall be attached to the regulations.

(c)   The Municipal Court and all administrative department of the City charged with the enforcement of the Ordinance shall be supplied at the cost of the City such number of official copies of regulations as may be deemed expedient.

(Ord. 1617-08, Secs. 1:3; Code 2009)